27th May 2024

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Collecting, collating and disseminating wildlife information for the County of Kent.

If you feel a wildlife crime has been committed then you need to phone 101 and report it as a wildlife crime, also contact planning enforcement of your local council and they can issue a stop notice. Photographic evidence is crucial. Before and after photographs, photos of destroyed nests, any hedges grubbed out, any recordings of protected species, such as badger, bat, reptiles, dormice, certain orchids etc. That is why it is imperative people record flora and fauna with the KMBRC https://www.kmbrc.org.uk/ , you can then prove these species were seen on site or around the site historically and in the recent past. If you have obtained any evidence also call planning enforcement, if the hedges and trees were cut down with no nesting bird survey carried out then that is an offence. Do any of the trees have a TPO on them? Are you in a conservation area? If so, any trees will be protected. Is the site recorded as a local wildlife site?

Last updated: Tue, 19 Jul 2022 11:28