25th July 2024

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Pavement Works Courtenay Road 17th-23rd June 2024

Courtenay Road between the junction with Canterbury Road and numbers 33 & 72.

To keep you informed of our progress you will receive a leaflet with some comprehensive information about the application, and the treatment itself from our contractor Kiely Bros 3 days prior to the works commencing in the vicinity of your property, please do take some time to read this leaflet and keep it for the duration of the works.

Where possible we cut back vegetation overhanging the footway to ensure that we can achieve a full coverage, however this is not always possible. It would be extremely helpful if when receiving this leaflet, you could inspect any hedge, shrubs, or grass that you may have near the footway and cut back any that may be overhanging. When we work on the footways near your house our large vehicles will need to work in the road right next to the footway.

IF POSSIBLE, we would really welcome your help by parking your vehicle away from the area that we are working in.

Posted: Mon, 3 Jun 2024 10:30 by Clerk

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